Moving? NewKeyz Pre-Move Checklist - 10 Things to Do Before the Big Day

You did it. 

The Big Day is almost here. The long search is over and you found the perfect one. The papers are signed, the date set and circled in bright red pen on your calendar. One of life’s most important events is just a few weeks away. No, it is not your wedding; it is an equally Big Day – Moving Day. 


Ask anyone. Whether the journey is across the country, or a just a few towns over, moving to a new home or apartment, is too often a nerve-wracking, relationship straining experience when, instead, it should be filled with excitement and joy. 

At NewKeyz we are here to help you navigate your move, be it your first or your last. We know pre-move planning is one of the most important tools you can engage to ensure your event is positive and stress-free. Follow our Pre-Move Checklist – 10 Things to Do Before the Big Day, so when the Big Day does finally arrive, the only thing you will be thinking about is how excited you are to enjoy your new place. 

Pre-Move Checklist – 10 Things to Do Before the Big Day 

1. Selecting a Mover – Exactly how do you choose the right moving company? Who will be so worthy they are entrusted to pack up your prized possessions and family heirlooms? It is not an easy decision to make.  

We have all heard the horror stories: how Great Aunt Helen’s Ming vase was dropped. Or, how someone’s entire life that was supposed to end up in China, Maine, ended up in actual China, thousands of miles away.  

Check your movers’ references. Whether moving an entire home, or an apartment, check reviews online and do not be afraid to reach out to a reviewer for more info. Ask the company for a list of prior clients you can contact. 

Make sure your movers – corporate or independently owned and operated – are insured and understand what that insurance covers in terms of losses/breakage/late arrival times.  

If you are moving yourself, check with your insurance agent about what type of coverage you will need, what the deductible is and what that insurance will cover.   

2. De-Cluttering Before the Move: Donating and Selling is the best way to ensure when you arrive at your new space, you are not unpacking items you haven’t seen or used since college. 

Tackle one room a day. In each room, clear enough space for two areas: Donate and Sell.   

Be brave, if you haven’t used an item for 6 months, then it shouldn’t be coming with you, it should find its way into either Donate or Sell. 

Almost all communities have non-profits that welcome donated items. Local food pantries are great places to share non-perishable. Organizations like Goodwill will help your gently used clothing and furniture find a purposeful second life.     

For those items that make it into the Sell pile, post them on your favorite online site: Craigslist, EBay, etc. (insert sites you want here that will help Search). You can spend all that extra cash on more important things like new mattress or other home furnishings. 

3. Packing: Labels, Labels, Labels! You are ready to pack the boxes. It would be easy to throw caution to the wind, stuff your items in and seal them up. Before you do that, create labels that show the following: Room (Kitchen, Bed, Bath), Items (What exactly it contains), and Weight (how much does it weigh).   

If you are using professional movers, or packing your own rental truck, knowing the estimated weight of a box helps the packer to distribute the load. This will make for a smooth trip and cut down on damages. 

Knowing what each box contains at a glance streamline’s unpacking. Always pack the items you will need first at the back of the truck. 

4. Updating Your Address: We live in a digital world, but snail mail is still important, so do not forget to change your address. Skip the trip to the US Post Office, where they will charge you to update the records. Instead, try free sites like: and save your time and money. 

5. Updating Cable, Phone, Internet: Depending upon which services you have, you’ll need to notify your providers of the date your billing should end at your old place. This means you will need to arrange for these same services in your new location. Keep a file of all communications and each 24-hour customer service number to ensure a smooth transition. 

6. Updating Utilities: You will need to notify your water, electrical, gas/oil companies when to end service at your old place and when to turn them on at your new space.   

7. Updating Insurance: Do not let your insurance lapse. Make sure you insurance, renters or homeowners, is up to date and covers the correct location and items. Most home buyers have insurance, but renters often to their own detriment overlook this cost effective monthly coverage that for a few dollars a month, saver you thousands in the end. Remember if you have auto coverage, to make sure no policy changes are needed there, too.  

8. Updating Services: Your stylist, dentist, doctor, masseuse, and all those people who make your life better, let them know you’re moving and don’t be afraid to ask them for provider referrals.  

9. Moving with Pets: Moving your pets can be extremely stressful for you, and even more so for them. Animals are creatures of habit. To make things easier and safer, take them with you in your vehicle, make sure they are crated, contained and the temperature is appropriate for them. Pack small food bags, water bowls and familiar toys. Photo ID on your phone and make sure they are micro-chipped. You may want to enroll in a pet monitoring system like Whistle. If your furry family member gets lost, Whistle’s GPS monitoring collar will help you find them in unfamiliar surroundings and reunite that much faster. 

10. The Final Goodbye - Leaving Your Current Home: They say first impressions are everything, but so, too, are last impressions. For the new renter or homeowner, it is a nice gesture to leave your old space clean and ready for its new occupants. Consider hiring a professional service. They will get the job done faster and leave you more time to focus on your move. 


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