Moving? Think Twice About Bringing Your Old Mattress

Relocating is often seen as a chance for a fresh start, an attitude that can extend to even the most practical and mundane aspects of your new home. Did you know, for instance, that one of the first items people often acquire after their move is the humble mattress? For good reason, too. Even high-end mattresses typically have only a brief 7 to 10 years before reduced comfort and nagging suspicions about hygiene gradually induce thoughts of a replacement. Unfortunately, mattress buying is only slightly less painful than shopping for a new car. Visiting showrooms with dozens of different models exhibiting only minor differences, dealing with commission-hungry sales people, overcoming the sticker shock, and the awkwardness of doing the obligatory but never very revealing bounce and roll around test while still clad in shoes and outdoor attire. I can test drive a car in 30 minutes but how do you test comofrot and future sleep worthiness in a showroom? And of course the aggravation doesn't end there: you still have to arrange for delivery of the new mattress and the disposal of the old one (psst! - we've included some resources to help solve this disposal problem in the links at the bottom of the page).

Moving a Mattress

The Revolution Has Begun!

The good news for people seeking a new mattress is that we are in the midst of a mattress-industry revolution! A seismic transformation has occurred over the past few years in the types of mattresses being produced, in the variety of solutions for different sleeping styles, and in the shopping experience itself. No more showrooms! No more sales people! No more hoping your $1,000 mattress will be as comfortable in 3 months as it is during your in store test! The introduction of memory foam and laytex mattresses has ignited a rush of new manufacturers to the marketplace with products that are challenging some of the biggest and most well known traditional brands. These innovative mattresses are of increased interest to new movers seeking to make their relocation as convenient as possbile and there's no better time to get rid of an old mattress than when you're moving. Not only are the mattresses extremely comfortable and often less expensive than the traditional (and cumbersome) mattress and box spring combos, but they can be shipped directly from the manufacturer to your home in a compact box about the size of two bar stools stacked end to end. Siimply cut open the box, lay the rolled-up mattress in place, remove the plastic wrapping and the let the mattress slowly expand to its full size. 

Take It From The Experts

NewKeyz has partnered with Sleep Sherpa, a leading mattress review authority, to provide our new movers with their recommendations and insights into the top three mattress picks. The experts at Sleep Sherpa have personally tested hundreds of online brands for feel, quality and construction, and these are the three brands that they believe stand out amongs the competition.

In addition to the Sleep Sherpa's insights, we at NewKeyz like these online mattress options for reasons more specific to the needs of new movers, such as:

Free Delivery

A nice way to reduce the stress of moving and all its costs. The mattress will arrive in a manageable box. No more twisting and wedging your bedding up staircases and around corners.

100-Night Guarantee

Each of these picks has a minimum of a 100-night sleep guarantee. Try it out for up to 100 nights and if you decide you don’t like it, you can return it for free. They’ll cover the costs of pick-up and shipping. 

Ease Of The Shopping Experience

Quick, easy and without the pressure of the in-store showroom experience. 

Price And Discounts

Memory foam mattresses offer very competitive pricing when compared to traditional mattresses, and because of our direct relationships with mattress companies and our partnership with Sleep Sherpa, any NewKeyz shopper can get additional discounts when they click through to purchase from the NewKeyz site. 

So what are you waiting for! Go and take a virtual roll and bounce on our recommended mattresses, and enjoy a perfect night’s sleep in your new home or apartment.

Congratulations on your New Place! 

Sleep Sherpa's Best Memory Foam Mattress

Cocoon by Sealy
Queen Regular Price: $799, Price After Coupon: $699

Cocoon by Sealy, Memory Foam Mattress

The Cocoon mattress is one of the most affordable and comfortable mattresses for the money. It has that classic memory foam feel that really contours to every part of your body for maximum pressure relief. In 2016 it was listed as one of Oprah’s 'Favorite Things'. You can choose from two styles, the Classic and Chill. The Chill version has a special fabric that is cool to the touch that will keep you comfortable all night long. A queen size Classic retails for $799 (before discounts).

Specifications of the Cocoon Mattress

The Cocoon comes in 2 levels of firmness, a firm and a soft. According to their website, the cover is made of a stretch-knit fabric with spun poly fibers to make it breathable. They don’t list specific densities of their foams but the soft has 3 layers of foam while the firm has 2 layers.

What I like best about the Cocoon mattress is the top layer. It is a very soft layer that conforms well and provides great pressure relief. Between the two, I liked the soft version the best. I really like to sink into my mattress and feel like it’s cradling every part of my body which this mattress does.

Tempur-Sealy is known for their high quality memory foam mattresses and the Cocoon mattress is a very competitively priced mattress that incorporates top notch materials with all the guarantees that a big brand like Tempurpur-Sealy can offer.

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Sleep Sherpa's Best Hybrid Mattress

Alexander Signature Hybrid by Nest

Queen Regular Price: $1,199, Price After Coupon: $1,049

Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress

Most people sleep on spring mattresses. It’s what we grew up with and coils provide that bounce we enjoy. In the past few years a new type of mattress has evolved call the “hybrid mattress” these mattresses incorporate coils and memory foam to create a comfy yet more familiar feel. The Alexander Hybrid from Nest Bedding is a plush mattress that has a pillow top feel. It provides great pressure relief and some bounce. This mattress has a luxury feel at an attainable price. It comes with a 120 night free trial. A queen size mattress retails for $1,199 (before discounts).

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Sleep Sherpa's Best Luxury Mattress

Oceano Mattress by Brentwood Home

Queen Regular Price: $1,499, Price After Coupon: $1,275

Moving a Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress

If you want to indulge in true luxury, look no further than the Brentwood Home Oceano mattress. It has two layers of coils, memory foam, belgian knit fabric, New Zealand wool and is hand tufted. This king of construction normally costs over $4,000 but Brentwood Home makes all their own mattresses from their factory in Los Angeles. This is a big mattress coming in at 14 inches high. Despite the size, it still comes compressed in a box. A queen size retails for $1,495 (before discounts).

Specifications of the Oceano Mattress

This is not a simple 3 layer foam mattress. It is a sophisticated system that gives you that luxurious feel which is rare right now in boxed mattresses. Below are the specifications:

  • Medium feel. Belgian 4-way stretch knit with a spacious, pillowy quilt design lined with wool that wicks away moisture, keeps your mattress smelling fresh.
  • 4-inch top pocket of 1353 individually wrapped micro coils.
  • Contouring layer of gel memory foam offers pressure relief and spinal support.
  • Hand-tufted wool rosettes secure layers without the use of adhesives that might block airflow.
  • CertiPUR-US Certified free of unhealthy chemicals. 25-year limited warranty
  • Queen size weighs 113 lbs. 

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The Sleep Sherpa uses a proprietary testing methodology to measure features such as:

  • Firmness
  • Surface Firmness
  • Memory
  • Impact Force
  • Bounce
  • Partner Shake

You can review their entire testing methodology here: Sleep Sherpa Testing 

Recycle your old mattress resources: Amazon has a Mattress Removal Service - Amazon Mattress Removal 

Another national service is Load Up for a small fee they'll come pick your mattress up and haul it away - Load Up 


Sleep Sherpa Rated Picks