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Ghost Bed

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Product Description
Real-time. Continuous. Cooling. Science has proven the importance of advanced temperature regulation while sleeping. GhostBed is the industry’s leader in creating the world’s most advanced complete adaptive cooling sleep experience that’s designed for your individual needs. foundation layer sets the standard in the mattress industry. With years of design innovation, we’ve mastered the delicate balance between comfort and support. Constructed with only the finest materials accessible in the world this innovate layer is soft to the touch, yet provides unprecedented continuous support. Simultaneously absorbing and distributing your body weight will ensure years of optimized sleep. 101 Nights with GhostBed Risk-Free in your home You’re unique and sleep is personal. We’re confident sleeping on a GhostBed will change your life that we invite you to try it for 101 Nights.You can’t control time. But, with GhostBed, you can guarantee to get the most out of the time spent sleeping.
Product Specifications & Dimensions
  • Queen Mattress
Additional Features & Information
  • You need premium aerated latex designed precisely for body temperature regulation with GhostBed cool burst technology. This top layer is critical for your comfort and coolness. The temperature sensitive motion activated.
  • This critical design principle uses continuous air intake that’s scientifically cooler air has a higher density, thus containing more oxygen per volume unit than warmer air. Regulating your natural body temperature by even a few degrees is crucial for the most restorative sleep. Continuous adaptive airflow technology allows maximum performance on an individual level by adapting to your body’s natural temperature, height, weight and sleep position preference.
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